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Are you interested in getting your message out in print? Maybe you need to spread the word about a local event, like Second Series concerts, or perhaps you want to advertise a new program, like a professor at St. Olaf College. Despite what you may have heard, print advertising is still alive and well, especially when it comes to small, local, niche marketing. But making an ad that looks great in print takes some skill, and that’s where we come in! Check out how we helped these two small niches share their messages perfectly in print:

We started by giving each ad a branded look and feel. We used the school logo and colors to keep the St. Olaf ad consistent, but we gave it an artsy flare. For Second Series, we created a design look that could be carried over into a series of ads and announcements.

During the design process, we made sure all the text and photos were optimized for print and would look great when published. We checked color profiles, margins, bleeds, fonts, and everything else necessary to ensure there wouldn’t be any problems going from the digital design process to the final print product. And of course we checked a final proof to make sure everything looked perfect before the print run. (Good news: it did!)

What’s the timeline for all this, you may be wondering? Well we have good news. We work fast, and we can usually turn small print projects around in just a few days.

Design features:

  • Branded look and feel
  • Photo and text optimization
  • Digital to print workflow
  • Proofing and final production output
  • Expedited timeline

Get in touch!

Do you have an upcoming print design project for us to tackle? We’re all ears. Drop us a line to let us know how we can help!


Meet the team

Kimberly Rowe (l.) and Alison Reese (r.)

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