Non-profit organization

Project overview

The Czechia-based Mestenhauser Institute for International Collaboration asked us to design a website for their new non-profit organization. They wanted a modern look that was professional and in keeping with the organization’s educational mission.

Our solution

We worked with MIIC to develop an overall site look and structure. We helped them map out a content outline with sections to highlight their programs and mission. Features include:

  • Signature home page with image slider, content cards, and toggles
  • Stylized page navigation on individual pages
  • Featured content highlights
  • Filterable grid of team members
  • EU-required cookie consent form and privacy policy page
  • News blog
  • Contact form

Client feedback

Our website has proven instrumental in advancing our mission and cultivating a positive user experience—its elegance exudes trustworthiness.

Eva Janebová, CEO, and Adriana Dergam, Chief Operating Officer

Meet the team

Kimberly Rowe (l.) and Alison Reese (r.)

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