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Amazing Websites for Amazing Artists!

by Trust Tree Designs

We love working with artists and entrepreneurs of all kinds here at Trust Tree Designs, but we’re not gonna lie that harpists hold a special place in our hearts. (Find out why by reading more about our founders right here!) So we were pretty excited when internationally renowned harpists Emily Levin, Judy Loman, and Kim Robertson recently asked us to design new websites for them. We knew that amazing artists of their caliber would expect nothing less than amazing website designs!

These three sites had a lot of features in common, but we worked with each artist to come up with a look and feel to match their personality and individual needs. Here’s what we did for them:

Emily Levin

Dallas Symphony Orchestra principal harpist Emily Levin wanted a site to let people know more about her and where to hear her play. She also wanted to sell her CDS and encourage people to sign up for her mailing list. Emily had some awesome new photos to work with, and she already had a bold color scheme in mind in keeping with her vibrant personality. We worked with her to design a multi-page site with a splashy homepage leading to more content. Features include:

  • Signature home page with featured content
  • Event calendar with sub-widgets for multiple pages
  • Features, news, and reviews showcase
  • Embedded Spotify playlist and YouTube clips
  • High-res photo downloads
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Shop page with individual product pages and Woocommerce payment integration

Visit the site to see everything we did for Emily.

Judy Loman

With over 30 full-length recordings to her name (and more in the works!), along with countless media quotes and achievements, harp legend Judy Loman wanted to showcase her decades-long distinguished career. With so much great material, we didn’t have a very hard time making Judy stand out! Features of Judy’s site include:

  • Signature hero section
  • Press quotes
  • Expanding biography
  • Embedded audio and video clips
  • Responsive discography grid with selector icons
  • Email contact button

Visit the site to see everything we did for Judy.

Kim Robertson

Celtic harp recording artist Kim Robertson wanted a new website to showcase her discography, publications, and tour dates. She wanted the design to have a Celtic flair, but with a modern look and feel. Kim wanted to keep things simple with a clean, one-page design that also included a lot of content. Fortunately for us, Kim had a lot of amazing material to work with so there were no shortages of design possibilities! Features include:

  • Custom logo design
  • Signature home page with graphic elements
  • Event list with front-end submission form
  • Discography and publication displays
  • Embedded audio and YouTube clips
  • Contact form

Visit the site to see everything we did for Kim.

Whether you’re a harpist, another kind of artist or entrepreneur, or you’re just looking for an amazing new website, we can help! Get in touch to schedule a free consultation now.

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