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Harp Column Academy

Online learning platform

Project overview

We recently completed an extensive redesign for our in-house project Harp Column Academy. We wanted to showcase our catalog of nearly 500 lesson pages for easy searching by any viewer, but with restrictions for member-only content.

Our solution

We redesigned Harp Column Academy from the ground up, focusing on searching and structure.

Features include:

  • Custom designs for teacher and lesson pages
  • Extensive searching and filtering by teacher, lesson, topic, and tag
  • PMPro membership integration to manage paid viewer content
  • Member and non-member content protection based on logged in status and user role
  • Free teasers
  • “Liked” and “watched” video management for logged in users
  • Woocommerce subscription integration for member payments
  • Custom account pages

Meet the team

Kimberly Rowe (l.) and Alison Reese (r.)

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