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Project overview

Performer and educator Jaymee Haefner wanted to redesign the website for her brand The Professional Harpist. She wanted to let people know about her vast collection of publications, commissions, performance videos, sound clips, and student achievements. She also wanted an online presence for her ensemble Crimson Duo.

Our solution

We gave Jaymee a structured collection of pages to display all of her various content items. We also created a subpage for the Crimson Duo with complementary branding. Features include:

  • Signature home page with featured content
  • Form integration to display news, publications, and events
  • Scrolling event calendar
  • Multiple image galleries
  • Books and music publications display
  • Podcast display
  • Embedded Spotify playlist and YouTube clips
  • Media page with bio downloads
  • Complimentary page for Crimson Duo with video and sound embeds
  • Protected portal for students
  • Contact form

Meet the team

Kimberly Rowe (l.) and Alison Reese (r.)

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